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Merry Meet!

I am Rainbow Raven ~ Manager and owner of social networking sites ~ Rainbow Ravens Nook ~ and ~ Wiccan Parents Network.

I am a 50 yo rainbow eclectic witch with 3 children , 2 adult children and raising my teenage son who is on the Autism spectrum along with my special guardian dog Gypsy~Rose & Mercury my Magickal protective black cat.

I like to share in my personal journey through networking, writing blogs , reviews, and the exploring of Magickal and esoteric ways.

A passion is blending of Potions through the use of essential oils , I enjoy making homemade crafts and sharing of diy recipes and ideas. I come with an eclectic style and have been a practicing witch for 32 years.

Some of my skills and favourite areas are :

Tarot Cards/Oracle /Divination Reader and Teacher

Meditations and teacher of relaxation and visual tequniques


Reiki/energy/crystal healer

doTERRA essential oils wellness advocate

DIY natural home products and workshops

Magickal workshops through the use of Potions

Admin and Networking

Practicing witch

I am based in the Southern Hemisphere but like to work globally covering both Southern and Northern Hemispheres.


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Colbolt Door

Cobalt Door ~

A Silent Meditation

~ Julia Mainwaring-Berry

A Silent Meditation ~

In solitude, I meditate

Beyond the cobalt door,

For in the silence I will find

What I am looking for.

There is no space for fear and doubt,

Just love and peace of mind,

Full trusting in the universe,

Leaving despair behind.

The stars that shine in skies above

Bring promise to my soul,

While cosmic flows of energy

Help me to know my role.

On wings of gossamer I fly,

At one with time and space,

An ever seeking butterfly

Caught in a soft embrace.

There are no tears in spirits realm,

For love overcomes the pain,

An infinite eternity

Where angel beings reign.

For on the other side of life,

Beyond the reach of death,

The spirits immortality

Enlivens our last breath.

Then suddenly a paradise

Ive never seen before,

As hosts of heavenly angels

Lead me to that golden shore.

Im caught up in an ecstasy

At last, Ive found my place,

And all past earth illusions

Have passed by without a trace.

For in the world of spirits home,

There is no place for war,

And I have dared to wander through

That blue mysterious door.

But some do not dare enter in

To seek that other side,

Consumed by fear of ridicule,

Defeated by their pride.

Written by Julia Mainwaring~Berry 2017

picture artist unknown

#poetry #meditation #cosmic #flow #beautiful #universe #stars #door #angels #mysterious

Opening My Soul

Opening My Soul

My life is changing

My heart is opening

This is now, and only now

Illusions are going and finally on their way

Life has become so real and enlightening

The time of deep deep pain has gone into my past

The time of deep deep fear has gone with the wind

Ive let go, I am now creating brand new

Opening my soul

Breaking down my shell

The Cocoon has gone

Here I stand once again questioning whats ahead

There is a Magickal difference

I know that everyday is so new and full of life

This time I have mother nature on my side.

All the tragic pain and fear is vanishing and shall soon be long gone

Im taking back what’s mine

As simple as it might be and although there is only me now

Im spreading my wings high and wide

So Mote it be !

Rainbow Raven ~

12th August 2011

Updated March 2018

DIY Natural Bathbombs

DIY bath bombs and easy recipes for relaxation , pick me ups and detoxifying baths.

Bath bombs are cheap, quick and easy to make, and can be enjoyed by the entire family. They make great gifts for family and friends or for weddings, baby showers , Valentine’s , Halloween , Christmas and Birthdays.


2 cups baking soda

1 cup citric acid

1020 drops essential oil of choice

100 percent pure witch hazel in spray bottle or water can be used

Mold (Plastic, silicone, or metal)

Optional: herbs , teas , rose petals and Natural colouring , I use Mica Powder to add colour, so as to not stain your bath.

Note : I add a small amount of coconut oil or hemp seed oil about 1/2 – 1 tablespoon to help stop the mica from staining the bath and be sure to wipe down bath when finished especially if adding charcoal or working with mica colours. Also use gloves as colours can stain and especially if adding charcoal they can get a little messy when mixing.


1 In a large bowl, combine baking soda and citric acid. (Add any other desired ingredients here such as milk powder, bentonite clay or cornflour.

2 If using, add 翻 teaspoon natural coloring , mica and herbs or teas then mix well.

3 Stir in essential oils and coconut or hempseed oil.

4 Spray the entire surface of the mix with water or witch hazel and mix with hands. Continue to spray and mix rapidly until the mixture holds together.

5 Quickly press the mixture into desired mold, making sure it is firmly packed. Let mixture set in mold for 2030 seconds. Some moulds used I let sit overnight or for a few hours . Gently tap the mold to release bath bombs.

6 Let dry for 30 minutes or until they are firm and do not fall apart, store in a glass jar or wrap to maintain aroma.

Oils I like to use:

Lavender & lemon

doTERRA Serenity簧 or Passion

Frankincense & Sandalwood

You can mix and add ingredients to turn into detoxifying Bathbombs by adding natural products such as charcoal , bentonite clay , green tee , cornflour or coconut milk powder which helps to soften and to better disperse oils and colour more evenly through the bath water. I also like to add magnesium flakes , epsom and Himalayan salts.

~RainbowRaven~ 氣梗

~ Doing it naturally and friendly for our planet

To purchase essential oils please contact me on the following link.


DIY Natural Toilet Bombs

No need for toxic chemicals of traditional cleansers , try these do-it-yourself Toilet-Cleaning Bombs using all natural ingredients and essential oils . Purify is a refreshing choice and will quickly replace unpleasant odors with a clean scent while eliminating tough odors in a natural, safe way. You can also use peppermint , lemon or tea tree oil and other essential oils of your own personal choice.


1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

Vinegar or 1翻 tablespoon unscented castile soap

15 – 20 drops of chosen essential oils


1 Stir baking soda and citric acid in a bowl together until well combined.

2 Slowly add in the vinegar or castile soap and Essential oils , I use a spray bottle with the oils and vinegar premixed , spray and stir until the mixture resembles wet sand.

3 Pack the mixture into a mold , I like to use muffin tins and cupcake papers , let them dry for at least four hours. Overnight is even better.

4 Once dry, remove the bombs from the mold and store in an airtight container.

5 To use, simply drop one into the toilet, wait until the bomb stops bubbling, and scrub away!

I have used Tea Tree , Purify and peppermint oil from Doterra. To purchase your own essential oils or for further information contact me on the following link.


~ doing it naturally and friendly for our planet


Rune Magick

Runes are Ancient Sacred Symbols, originating in Northern and Western Europe. They have been used for thousands of years.

Each rune symbol has a name which reflects its sound, and a series of related meanings, they are easy to use, but very powerful in effect.

The word Rune mean A Mystery or To Whisper knowledge of runes has been passed down through the generations, it is only in recent times that there has been written history and instruction on how to use them.

I treat my runes similar to Tarot, though they are different from tarot, runes are not concerned with prediction they are similar to the Chinese oracle Iching.

It is useful to add your personal touch to them tuning in will help you to become familiar with them, adding your own energy to them.. It is also great to make your own personal set, you can use pebbles/stones/clay or wood and etch in the symbols.

They can be used as a source of advice and inspiration, offering an idea of possible courses of action and likely results.

Runes are made of natural substances, such as smooth river stones, clay, wood or crystal, this allows for earthiness and a connection with the element forces.

There are 24 runes and one blank in all.

10 are non reversible and 15 may be read upright or reversed.

How to use – Single rune spread

The easiest and most powerful way to read the runes is to focus on one particular issue that is of concern.

Draw a single rune from the bag, using your left hand for intuition. Hold and meditate, see what comes to you first, meditation upon this one symbol will reveal the most beneficial path. (it is a good idea to write down any symbols, feelings, colours or even words, then look up the index at front of book and see what inspiration you may receive from the book. Choosing a single rune will bring the clearest shortest answer.

There are many different spreads thats can be used , I find the single rune spread the easiest..

Runes are also often used as a Talisman which can be worn or carried around, you can also incorporate them into ritual work as well and calving into candles.

DIY Soothing Salve


Soothing Salve

翻 cup grapeseed oil
翻 cup almond oil or coconut oil
2 tablespoons beeswax
翻 tablespoon vitamin E oil
5 drops Lavender oil
5 drops Cypress oil
5 drops Melaleuca oil
5 drops Frankincense oil
5 drops Eucalyptus oil

Melt beeswax in double boiler.
Once melted, add grapeseed, almond, and vitamin E oil until melted.
Once combined, set aside for two to three minutes.
Add essential oils and stir.
Pour in container and allow to set for two hours.
To use, apply to skin or on chest.

Change oils around to suit and make different blends for sleeping, pain, arthritis, uplifting, breathe easy or also makes a good base for your very own essential oil perfume.



Cooling Mist Potion

After a week of experiencing a heatwave here in Australia and today being an extremely hot day of 37 degrees Celsius , 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit with no air conditioner and only ceiling fans in my home I decided to look for some quick ways to stay cool.

Tired of jumping in and out of cold showers all week I finally made up a DIY spray bottle of cold water from the fridge and added a few drops of peppermint oil . The menthol in peppermint makes for a quick cooling effect when sprayed onto the skin, spearmint works well too .. as long as it has menthol in it . Eucalyptus is another oil that can be used but I prefer to personally stick to the mint sprays .. for extra relief from mild sunburn add some aloe vera or lavender oil.

Note : if in later pregnancy or breastfeeding please note peppermint oil should not be used.


To purchase peppermint oil please see the following link